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i9 Football Tech (Technology, Education, Community, Human Development) is an international football academy in Brazil focused in youth development.

Together with the best PhDs in sport science, i9 has deeply studied what made Brazilian players the best in the world and developed the most innovative football curriculum for youth development.

Football is part of Brazil’s culture and the Street Methodology has been responsible for our players’ success. In the same way, Basketball pick-up games, on the streets and garages of many houses along the USA, have been responsible for revealing the best Basketball players in the world.

Our curriculum reproduces the Football Street Methodology to provide a wholistic educational experience and stimulate game intelligence to our players. Taught by professional licensed coaches and structured as a mix of in-class theory and on-field practices, our programs are developed to provide a game-like (playful, unpredictable, and challenging) environment.


Top 15 Football Structures in Brazil

Our academy is composed of two facilities, both customized for football practice and 5-minutes apart from each other, providing the best and safest experience to our young players.
+1000 international players from several countries have stayed and played in our facilities


Training Center I

27 hotel rooms
4 playing fields with natural grass
Indoor football court
Foot volley court (sand court)
Swimming pool
Fitness and physical therapy center
Entertainment room with plasma TVs, computers and video games
Laundry room
Total Capacity: 102 Athletes

Located 5 minutes from CT I

Training Center II

72 double-rooms with 36 shared bathrooms – Under Renovation
02 Official football fields with natural grass – Under Renovation
03 Official football fields with artificial turf grass
01 Goalkeeper training area
Fitness and physical center
Swimming pool
Wireless Internet
Laundry room


International Football Exchange & Camp Program

International Football Courses for Coaches

Football Scholarship in American Universities

Youth Team Management (U-13/15/17) & Professional Career Counseling

Football Technologies Development & Distribution

Youth Football Academy Franchise


Our facilities are located in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo State, Brazil (300KM FROM SÃO PAULO CITY). An area known as the Brazilian California for its sunny weather, safe environment, and wealth concentration.
Home for some of the best universities in the country, Ribeirão Preto is a health cluster and one of the largest ethanol and sugar cane producer in the World.


It is also a very fertile area for revealing talented football players.

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